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I am still organizing this event so please be patient. My apologies. Logistics are a bit off. We will be tasting some of Agrisole's great Tuscan wines hopefully during the first weekend of September. We hope to have the  Miniatello 2011, Chianti DOCG,  Mafefa Bianco, Toscana IGT,  Mafefa Rosso, Toscana IGT,  Trebbiano, Toscana IGT,  Malvasia Nera, Sangiovese IGT, Toscana IGT,  and Colorino, Toscana IGT.

Hosted by Chateau Torres  here in Houston, Texas!


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2006 Glendenen Family Vineyards Nebbiolo

I used not to like Nebbiolo very much. It was just a misunderstood grape. Holly, our Sommelier described this variety as the silky smooth equivalent of a Burgundian Pinot. Boy was she right. The biggest surprise to me was that this Nebbiolo was  from California, not Italy! Great things are happening with Old World grapes in New World vineyards. Case in point, this well balanced smooth beauty with slightly mineral scents and very well controlled tannins.  Never again fear the grapes you tend to avoid due to past negative experiences. DARE to dive into your Sommelier's recommendations. If you don't, you could miss out om these unique hidden treasures.

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I am not a sommelier (yet!). I'm just a regular guy who loves the world of wine.  I have given credit to all my sources but if I left someone out, please let me know so that I may properly add you as a reference. Enjoy!

Wine Tip of the Month:


As a general rule, if a wine bottle is open for over a week it tends to go “bad.” Oxygen is a wine killer, so once you open it, drink it, unless you own a system that serves wine while keeping a hermetically sealed environment like a Coravin (TM ) Wine System.

The older a white wine is, the darker its color. Thus young albariños and pinot  griggios tend to  range from transparent to light yellow while aged chardonnays may range from golden hues to straw like dark yellows.

Reds can change from purple and ruby to brick or light tawny like orange. However, remember that color alone is not indicative of spoilage. Is it cloudy? Is it bubbly yet not a champagne or sparkling wine? Use your sense  of smell as well. Scents of saurkraut, vinegar, cabbage, burnt  rubber, or nail polish remover are indicative of faults or spoilage.

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New Orleans, LA


Nothing like enjoying great food with family and friends at one of the capitals of the culinary world. I had no idea of the creative magnitude that this gastronomic gem would  infuse in my soul. The atmosphere spoke NOLA yet was distinct enough so as to not fall into the typical Jazz and Cajun themed decor. Top notch service thanks to Leigh. She was amazing (dealing with the Torres/Quesada clan and our great friend Mr. Hunt is not easy).  Plating combinations that you would never imagine going together, yet allowing for classic great proteins to be the star. I started with the Duck Confit Ristto and ended with the Niman Ranch Pork Scallopini. AMAZING. Enter Holly,the Sommelier, who recommended what turned out to be one of the most spectacular finds I have made in my travels. A Nebbiolo...from California! A 2006 Glendenen Family Vineyards Nebbiolo produced in Santa Maria Valley.   My latest Wine Spotlight! To cap things off we were joined by the owner, Mr. Anthony Tocco, whose sharing of his personal experiences and insight into the NOLA culinary world made me realize how BLESSED we were to enjoy such an unforgettable evening.  When in NOLA, visit this gem!



New Orleans, LA 70115

Tel. 504-891-9626

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